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Significant Easy Revenue using Marketing Engineering - BizMarketingSmith

Significant Easy Revenue using Marketing Engineering – BizMarketingSmith

There are a wide variety of marketing and advertising campaigns from different vendors that Your Business can choose from; however to receive the most passive revenue and profit in the easiest and simplest way, choose a firm that has the most complete, cost effective system.

BizMarketingSmith’s Marketing Engineering Program is uniquely designed to generate the best Guaranteed (Up to 2X Your Money Back) Sales Conversion Results through a system of analyzing and emotionally integrating your business’ products and services to customers that need and desire quality benefits.

Marketing Engineering is an exclusive program, based on proven technique, of expert licensed Professional Engineering problem solving skills in combination with writing passion and talent along with exceptional Master Practitioner Certified marketing, presentation and direct response copywriting training.

BizMarketingSmith engineers marketing programs for your businesses implementing the most effective copywriting, video creation and distribution techniques that are unique enhancements to proven sales copy that emotionally Attracts, Connects to and Engage prospective clients and customers.

BizMarketingSmith utilizes over 22 years of engineering, construction and operations senior management experience in developing technical documents, white papers, manuals and other materials that are essential components of equipment manufacturer/distributor, consultant, contractor and other vendor company marketing programs.

Experience includes working with companies such as:

MTA – New York City Transit, Siemens Transportation Systems, Judlau, Comstock/Railworks, Parsons Transportation Systems, Project Management Resource Group/Assai Management Consulting, National Note Group, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, Chemical Bank, Hampton University, University of Pennsylvania, Gilbarco Inc., Birhle Applied Research, NY State Department of Transportation, NY Public School System, Sears, American Writers and Artists Inc., the Professional Writers Alliance, Joel Bauer & Associates and Donald Trump University/Initiative.

As part of our standard provided services: BizMarketingSmith performs continual evaluation of its client’s sales performance needs while also performing extensive research and utilizing extensive resources, in order to determine the best marketing and sales campaigns that will most positively stand out and bring forth measured desired customer response.

In summary, BizMarketingSmith uniquely combines engineering and professional copywriting into a system for most efficiently developing the best marketing and sales programs for your business.

We are so confident that your business will gain profits through our Marketing Engineering that we provide an Up toTwo Times (2X) YourMoney Back Guarantee that your business will be provided a unique blend of marketing and/or technical materials that significantly increase your company’s sales revenues above the fees and costs of the implemented programs.

You Have the Opportunity to Gain Hundreds of Thousands, possibly Millions of Dollars passively by selling your products and services using Marketing Engineering techniques.


Go To: CONTACT ME and complete the Basic Business Operation form, which starts the process of our discussions in evaluating whether your business’ products and services are a good fit for implementing Marketing Engineering strategies. 

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