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BizMarketingSmith: Is an Expert Copywriting (Direct Response Specialist) & Content Marketing company that Provides the Following Marketing and Sales Services for Your Business (followed by useful information):


  • For Your Business Create: the Highest Sales Converting and Business Promotion: Websites and Landing Pages; Social Media Pages and Posts; Auto-Responder Email, Blog and Newsletter Campaigns, Infused with Emotionally Compelling Client/Customer Testimonial (and/or Product/Service Information) Video.

As an integral part of the OnlineMarketingSmith service the client is provided weekly updated website/landing pages/social media pages and blog site traffic reports; for which marketing campaigns are adjusted in accordance to the results for continual implementation of the most effective sales material.


  • For Your Business Create: Top-of-the-Line: Web Copy, Brochures, Case Studies, Lead Generation and Sales Letters/Emails, Direct Response materials and Marketing Videos.

  • For Your Business Develop: In-Person live events, Webinars/Webcasts, Ebooks, Published Books, Research and Annual Reports.

In addition, For Your Business BizMarketingSmith Writes and Develop:

White Paper(s), Contract Proposal(s), Operating Manual(s) and other Technical Document(s) including New Product and/or Business Service Launches.

As integral optional complimentary services, TechnicalMediaSmith provides clients analyses of the effectiveness of the developed marketing and/or technical materials primarily via direct sales results, client and prospective client surveys and customer service response analyses.


Want a Successful Marketing Campaign that Implements Strategies Engineered to Significantly Increase Your Sales and Business Revenues?

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The following is Useful Marketing and Sales Information:

Creating a successful marketing strategy (one that measurably results in significant revenue increases) is difficult, if you don’t have the right plan your campaigns will be ineffective.


Below are Useful Marketing and Sales Information Articles and Videos:

 The Best Way to Communicate with Prospective Clients on LinkedIn

If you are approaching LinkedIn with the idea of making a LinkedIn Connection and then making a sale, think again.

Just because someone accepts your Connection request doesn’t mean they are open to you making a proposal or presentation. Once your connection is made, you must have a way to “court” them before you can get to that stage.

You definitely want to make sure you are working on building the “Relationship” with the right person.  So,

  1. Know who your target audience is.  The person you want to connect with doesn’t have to be the CEO.  When I talk with Insurance agents, and then check out the groups they belong to, it always astounds me that they are only in their professional groups and not their target market groups.  So, define who your target market is, and then join those groups to begin developing relationships.

  2.  Now you must have a valid reason for the person to connect with you.  Are you someone who can help them or are you a pesky salesperson?

  3. Again, join the groups that are the ones where your Target Market is in., and begin offering them sound advice.  Try to post a question once a week that will get your audience talking and allow you to share some of your insight on how they will benefit.

  4. When you have come across someone’s profile that meets your target audience, and you are part of the same group, you can send them a LinkedIn request to connect.  You should have a written game plan.  Ask yourself the following question?  What if they ACCEPT your LinkedIn request?  Then what?

  5. One idea is to share an informative newsletter, article, or blog post that focuses on solving a problem and then invite them to sign up for your bi-monthly or monthly newsletter.

  6. Having your LinkedIn audience get regular helpful information that are filled with advice that they can benefit from, will definitely help them get to “know” who you are with any risk on their part.

  7. Getting them to know you before picking up the phone will make your sales approach so much easier. Well that’s it for this Issue.

5 Prescriptions for Healthy Customer Data

We wanted to provide some of the best practices that we’ve learned from businesses that are truly on a healthy path to customer-data management. Here is a brief overview of the five best practices for a healthy, wealthy, and wise customer-data program:

1) Create a wellness plan: Define “who.”: One of the largest challenges that B2B content marketers have is actually closing the gap between the personas they’ve spent the time and effort to create – and the verification of those personas against who is actually visiting.

2) Develop a healthy regimen: Segment and prioritize your audiences. Once the marketer has the gaps needed to marry the content with its consumption, the next step is designing a data model that continually improves persona segmentation over time. Remember, just like persona development itself, the approach to a “data story” is a process, not a project.

3) Do the right exercise at the right time: Capture the data. Of course, one key to getting healthy is to match the right exercise with the right part of the regimen. The data that is captured during every interaction with a customer can (and should) affect the outcome of future phases.

4) Monitor your heart rhythm: Match explicit data with the behavior. The concept of delivering the right content to the right buyer at the right time is the brass ring for healthy content marketing programs. But the only way this is achieved is by not only understanding the explicit data that the customer provides (e.g., name, title, email, industry) but also the behavior of that individual over time.

5) Track your health: Report on actionable insight: If someone is engaged by content, submits as a lead, and ultimately becomes a customer – but no one measures it – did it count? We’d like to think the answer is “yes,” but far too many content marketing programs still answer this question with a clear “no.” We’ve got to create an ability to track all the way through the journey.

If content is going to be the future – and by all accounts (and our own research) it seems that everyone is going to spend more money doing it – getting healthy with your customer data and really understanding your audience is key to good content marketing health. This new white paper provides some critical prescriptions to help you get on the right data-health plan.

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Learn the Basics of How to Become Rich – Video

Significant Easy Revenue using Marketing Engineering - BizMarketingSmith

Significant Easy Revenue using Marketing Engineering – BizMarketingSmith

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