My-Standard-JB-Pose.jpgBased in Manhattan, New York City, New York State; BizMarketingSmith in 2014 was founded by Gary P. Smith, P.E. a licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer with over 22 years of diverse multi-billion dollar program, project, contract, engineering and construction, operations, maintenance and technical support experience; in addition to possessing over 16 years experience as a real estate and business development entrepreneur.

Successful completion of copy writing and online marketing classes by the American Writers and Artists Inc. (an organization that has successfully trained thousands of successful and top performing writing professionals since 1997), in addition to certification as a Speaking and Communication Business Master Practitioner, led to the creation and development of BizMarketingSmith.

Gary P. Smith’s extensive experience, knowledge and training include but are not limited to the areas of: management, engineering and construction, design, budgeting, planning, operations, structures and equipment, facilities, inspection, residential and commercial real estate along with business development and implementation.

From 1982 to 1986 Gary was employed by RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company and Bihrle Applied Research in sales support and as a Wind Tunnel Technician respectively after working in communications development for the NY Public School System, maintenance operations for the NY State Department of Transportation in 1978 and 1979 and in a work study program for the University of Pennsylvania in 1980 and 1981 .

Between 1987 and 2009 Gary was employed by MTA – New York City Transit in various engineering, operations, technical support and administrative managerial positions including serving as a Director of multi-billion dollar capital programs and Construction Manager of large scale railroad signal and communication construction projects with cumulative budgets in excess of $500 Million.

Beginning in 2003 Gary co-founded Quality Inspections and Engineering a home inspection and engineering services business.

In 2006 Gary founded and operated Oklahoma Smoke Barbeque Restaurant and Training Corporation for which a Harlem, New York City commercial storefront, that was desolate for dozens of years, was successfully transformed into a very nice operating restaurant.

In 2009 Gary founded GP SMITH CORPORATION along with Real Estate Property Solutions LLC for which various real estate transactions were conducted.

Also in 2009 Gary served as Vice President, Program and Project Management for Assai Management (formerly Project Management Resource Group). Gary provided construction management oversight and advisory for approximately $850 million in high-rise construction projects.

In 2012 a home healthcare franchise; Home Helpers & Direct Link of the Meadowlands was purchased.

In 2013 lucrative mortgage note transaction opportunities were acquired and successfully executed, yielding over 103% net cash profit in the first 12 months, a continual, a 174% equity gain in 15 months, 13.2% annual payments of the original 100% returned investment for 25 continuous years, an overall 431% Return on Investment over the life of the note.

In December 2013 Gary pursued his passion for reading and writing into a career as a Copy Writer for which in March 2014 Gary completed the American Writers and Artists Inc.’s Accelerated Copy Writing course along with obtained a Speaking & Communication Business Certification as a Master Practitioner, through Joel Bauer’s ProfitPoint17 training academy.

In October 2014 Gary created and founded BizMarketingSmith for which marketing, copywrite and technical media services are provided to business clients, as described under OnlineMarketingSmith and TechnicalMarketingSmith in the Services page of this website.

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Significant Easy Revenue using Marketing Engineering - BizMarketingSmith

Significant Easy Revenue using Marketing Engineering – BizMarketingSmith

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