What Are Affiliate Product and/or Service Marketing Programs?

Affiliate Product or Service Marketing is simply having a partnership relationship for a person or company to be paid a percentage of the revenue received from customers who the person or company introduces to products and/or services.

Most affiliate product/service marketing is performed via the internet.

Typically the Affiliate Marketer presents their partner products and/or services on a website and/or through newsletters, blogs and/or social media connects customers.

There are affiliate marketing networking websites setup to lists products and services to Affiliate Marketers for a partnership relationship.  Clickbank.com is the largest and most well known affiliate marketing network website.

There are also vendors that have affiliate partnership programs for furnishing traffic to their websites and landing pages that results in potential customers simply entering their email addresses.  Typically for email address leads the affiliate marketer fee received is $1 or $2 per potential client lead.

For more information on Affiliate Marketing Products and Programs, Write An Email of Your Interest To: Gary@BizMoneySmith.com or call 347-979-7906 and leave a message with your return contact information


BizMarketingSmith Busines Finance Affiliate Product

Easily Obtain Business Finance, that does not report to anyone’s personal credit.

For new businesses and/or businesses that cannot show income a personal guarantor is required.

BizMarketingSmith offers the following Business Finance Affiliate Program:

For businesses that can verify income OR have a Personal Guarantor that ideally (but not absolutely required) has a 680 FICO score and less than 30% credit card debt to limits, Business Finance can be quickly obtained. Complete the business finance pre-qualification application form on the following webpage:

Additional affiliate products will be posted on this page in the near future.

Real Estate Property Solutions LLC Earned a 156% Return on Mortgage Note Investment in only 15 months!!!

In early October 2013 I purchased three 2nd position non-performing mortgage notes as business investments for a total of $18,900. In July 2014 $18,700 was received back. I delayed for 4 months implementing the workout processes otherwise I would have received the $18,700 in March 2014. On January 7, 2015 I completed the sell of the third note for which a net overall profit of $10,900 was received.

In my overall 17 years of real estate investment experience I have found that buying and selling (trading) mortgage notes is the easiest and most profitable income generating strategy.  Unlike stocks when you buy notes it is backed by tangible assets (the real estate property). Trading notes is the primary income generating strategy banks have utilized for nearly 150 years to date.

Buying and Selling mortgage notes allows for great profits without having to deal with contractors or rental tenants.

With proper knowledge it is also much easier to find note sellers and buyers than finding property buyers and sellers.

Through buying and selling mortgage notes a person and/or company is following the overall proven successful business strategy that banks utilize to make their profits.

For more information on how you can invest in buying and selling mortgage notes for projected minimum returns of 50% in 18 months as the business model, please write an email to: Gary@BizMoneySmith.com  Alternatively you can call 347-979-7906 and leave a voice message with your return contact information.

January 26, 2015: New Jersey’s 1st Distressed Mortgage convention in Secaucus, NJ

This was an excellent venue for persons that are actively (or want to become actively) buying and selling (trading) mortgage notes.

I met numerous very successful mortgage note investors in addition to numerous persons who attended because they were interested and wanted to find out more information.

In my over 17 years of real estate investing I have assessed that trading notes and particularly this JV partnership program is the best means to make great residual income with virtually no effort required.

Contact me at: bizmarketingsmith@gmail.com and/or at 347-979-7906 for further information and how we can get started in taking advantage of this great JV partnership opportunity.

I am so confident of the success of this great JV partnership opportunity that I am willing to issue notes on the equity of my personal and investment properties as collateral.

-Gary Smith, P.E., CEO, BizMarketingSmith

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Significant Easy Revenue using Marketing Engineering - BizMarketingSmith

Significant Easy Revenue using Marketing Engineering – BizMarketingSmith


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